Turkmenistan Population: 6,000,328

Turkmenistan is a sovereign country which is located in Central Asia. It is one of the sparsely populated places in Asia. It has been the main place where many civilizations crossed roads; for instance, it was one of the important steps in the silk route. Ashgabat is the capital of the city and also the largest place in the country.

Largest cities in Turkmenistan by population

The largest cities in the country Turkmenistan are Ashgabat, Turkmenabat, Dasoguz, Mary, and Balkanabat.

Turkmenistan population history 

In the year 2000, the population of Turkmenistan was 4,516,133, and it has risen to a population of 6,031,200 this year. There is also an increase in the median age, as now it is 26.9. The urban population of the country is 3,167,354. The global population rank of the nation is now 113.

Turkmenistan population forecast 

In the year 2050, the population is expected to grow to 7,949,281. The median age will increase to 33.0. The urban population share will be 5,433,187. The global population rank of the nation will change to position 114.

Turkmenistan demographics

The life expectancy of the population of the nation is 68.63 years. The infant mortality of the place is estimated at 39.6. The sex ratio of the male population is 49.23% for the population share 2,969,310. The sex ratio of the female population is 50.77%, for the population share 3,061,877.

Turkmenistan religion and politics

Muslims are the largest population in the country. Others are Christian who follow the Eastern Orthodox Church. There are small communities of Armenian Apostolic Church, Pentecostal Christians, Roman Catholic Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Jews. Other than these communities, there are also the Hare Krishna, Baha’i, Seventh-day Adventists found in Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan was part of the Soviet Union and got its independence on 21 October 1991. The framework followed in the country is the presidential republic. The president is the head of the state and also the head of the government. The country has a one-party system. The dominant party of the country is the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan. There is also a second party, the party of industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

Turkmenistan economy

The country contains the world’s fourth-largest natural gas and oil reserves. Various developments are happening in the country for the provision of electricity, natural gas, salt, and water for the citizens. Many plans are made to renovate the cities. The management of currency reserves is of main concern now. Export routes are used to export natural gas.

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3 United States 331,002,651 4.25%
4 Indonesia 273,523,615 3.51%
5 Pakistan 220,892,340 2.83%
6 Brazil 212,559,417 2.73%
7 Nigeria 206,139,589 2.64%
8 Bangladesh 164,689,383 2.11%
9 Russia 145,934,462 1.87%
10 Mexico 128,932,753 1.65%