Montserrat Population: 5900

Montserrat is one of the US territories located in the Caribbean islands. It is known as the ‘Lesser Antilles.’ The nickname of the place is the ‘emerald isle of the Caribbean.’ It is the same as the coastal Irelands. There is an active volcano in Montserrat, which was considered dormant. It destroyed the capital city of Plymouth in the territory. So today, it is closely watched for any future alerts.

Largest cities by population in Montserrat 

One of the largest cities in Montserrat is Brades, with a population of 1000.

Montserrat Population history 

In the year 2000, the population of the country was 4,929, but now it has risen to 4,992. The urban population of the country is now 478. The global population rank of the nation is now 231.

Montserrat population forecast 

In the year 2050, the population of the nation is expected to be 4,153. The urban population of the country will have risen to 730. The global population rank of the nation will be in the same position, which is 231.

Montserrat demographics

Many of the refugees left the island during the sudden volcanic eruptions, and then in the following years, there were immigrants who settled here. The sex ratio was 0.96 for the male and the female as per the estimate of the years 2000. The birth rate is 17.57. 90% of the population are the residents living in the urban area. The percentages of the population who follow several faiths are Anglican 21.8%, Pentecostal 14.1%, Roman Catholics 11.6%, and unspecified 10.8%.

Montserrat religion and politics

Some of the religions found in Montserrat are Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Jainism. Some of the major followers of the Christian denominations present here are protestants, Roman Catholicism, Mormons, Jehovah’s witnesses, and others. Most of the population follows the Christian faith, and Protestants are more in number.

The politics follow the framework where the head of the government is the premier. It is a multi-party system. The government contains the executive powers, and the legislative powers are with the government as well as the legislative assembly.

Montserrat economy

The economy of the place was damaged because of the volcanic eruptions. Before that, there was steady growth in the sectors such as clothing, agriculture with the per capita up to 8000 USD. There is a Montserrat development corporation that was started by the government for assisting in the private sector investments and the improvement of the island. So there is a new focus on tourism, housing, and trade.

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