The Indian flag consists of three colors saffron, white and green along with a 24 spoke wheel called Ashok Chakra. The flag is commonly referred to as tricolor or Tiranga in Hindi and was adopted on 22 July 1947 in its current form by the constituent assembly. The initial concept and design of the Indian flag are based on the Swaraj flag of the Indian National Congress that was designed by the legendary freedom fighter Pingali Venakayya. Based on the guidelines by the flag code of India the ratio of the flag should be two by three and all three colored strips should be exactly equal in size.

The wheel should consist of 24 spokes evenly spaced. The three colors in the flag symbolize three different traits, saffron symbolizes relinquishment, white symbolizes guiding light on the path of truthfulness and green symbolizes the relationship of human beings with mother earth. The Ashok chakra in the center represents the wheel of law known as the Dharma chakra.