The Australian flag is based on Blue Ensign of the United Kingdom and consists of a uniform blue field spread across the entire flag with a union jack located at the top hoist of the flag occupying almost a quarter of the total area. The flag also contains a representation of the Southern Cross constellation occupying half of the area on the right side. The original design and structure of the Australian flag was chosen from entries received in a competition held following the Federation of Australia. The flag was first flown on the 3rd of September 1901 in Melbourne, and the day was proclaimed as the Australian national flag day.

The Australian flag consists of three major symbols i.e. the union flag, southern cross (crux) and the union flag. The commonwealth star on the lower hoist of the flag initially had six points that represented six federating colonies. Later in 1980 the seventh point was added representing Papua. The Union flag symbolizes Australia’s history in form six British colonies and the southern cross represents four moral values namely justice, temperance, and fortitude.