Antigua and Barbuda Population: 97,649

It is a sovereign island state located in the West Indies. The capital of the place is St. John’s, which is also the largest port. The island was one of the explorations of Christopher Columbus. It is a member of the commonwealth. The queen and the head of the state is Elizabeth II. The word Antigua is the Spanish word meaning ancient, and Barbuda is Spanish for bearded.

Largest cities by population in Antigua and Barbuda 

The largest city in Antigua and Barbuda is St. John’s. It is also the place where the population is large.

Antigua and Barbuda population history 

In the year 2000, the population of the country was 76,016, but now it has risen to 97,118. The urban population of the country has increased to 25,682, and the urban population percentage is 26.2 %. The median age is 34.0. The global population rank of the nation is now 207 different than last year’s estimation and the years before it.

Antigua and Barbuda population forecast 

In the year 2050, the population of the nation is expected to be 110,896. The urban population of the country will have risen to 38,799, and the urban population percentage will be 35.0 %. Then the global population rank of the nation will come to position 197.

Antigua and Barbuda demographics 

The life expectancy of the people in Burundi is 77.47 years. The infant mortality rate of the country is 4.6.

Antigua and Barbuda religion and politics 

The majority of the population living in Antigua follows the Christian faith, which is estimated to be 77%. 17.6% of the population are Anglicans. There are also other faiths too such as Seventh-day Adventist Church (12.4%), Church of God (4.1%), Roman Catholics (8.2%), Pentecostalism (12.2%), and Methodist Church (5.6%). The other religions followed are Islam, Bahá’í Faith, and Rastafari.

In the country, the monarch is the head of the state, and they choose the Governor-General. The present queen of the country is Elizabeth II. This is the political framework followed here.

Antigua and Barbuda economy 

The dominating industry in the country is Tourism. It accounts for most of the GDP. It is popular for its classy and stylish resorts. There are also investment banking and financial services that also play an important part in the economy. Some of the major world banks are the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and Scotiabank. The national agriculture productions pay attention to the domestic market.

Largest Countries in the World by Population

S.No Country Population (2020) World Population Share (%)
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2 India 1,380,004,385 17.70%
3 United States 331,002,651 4.25%
4 Indonesia 273,523,615 3.51%
5 Pakistan 220,892,340 2.83%
6 Brazil 212,559,417 2.73%
7 Nigeria 206,139,589 2.64%
8 Bangladesh 164,689,383 2.11%
9 Russia 145,934,462 1.87%
10 Mexico 128,932,753 1.65%